Trading company
for Envien Group main products
bioethanol and biodiesel

Envien Trading is part of a holding
that produces and sells biofuels


Who we are

Envien Trading SA was established in 2018

Envien Trading SA was established in 2018 as the trading arm of the Envien Group, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. This strategic move was aimed at achieving vertical integration within the Envien Group, fostering close cooperation among Envien entities to mitigate external risks effectively. Envien International Ltd plays a crucial role as the consolidating entity of the Group.

Since its inception in 2018, Envien International Ltd has primarily focused on trading biofuels with physical delivery. In contrast, Envien Trading has diversified its activities to include participation in derivative markets.

A significant milestone for Envien Trading occurred in December 2018 when it gained access to the standardized AOM (Acrylonitrile Oxide Monomer) market. This achievement has made Envien Trading eligible to engage with virtually every relevant counterparty across Europe, further enhancing its market presence and opportunities.


Envien Trading has been established as a trading company for Envien Group

main products – bioethanol and biodiesel – and byproducts. It is a part of trading business segment of Envien International Ltd.

Production companies

Trading companies


Although there is common management for the two businesses there is a distinct borderline between them as both businesses have their own characteristics and markets.

The Envien Group
is broadly engaged in the following activities:

Procurement of feedstock for the production of bioethanol and biodiesel

Production of bioethanol and biodiesel

Sale of biofuels

Trade of the byproducts arising from production process of biofuels: DDGS, Glycerin, Lecithin sludge

Production and supply of electricity, heat production and heat distribution (organic production)